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i4ni Studio Capstone Snapshot:

Bridging the Gap Between the Military Veteran-Civilian  Divide Through the Honor.Celebrate.Inspire. Campaign

Established in 2019 i4ni Studio was founded by Air Force Gulf War combat veteran and the State of Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame Inductee Class of 2019 Rick Isbell.  The Small Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business is located in Columbus, Ohio.

Isbell is an accomplished graphic illustrator and author with nearly 30 years of experience as a government executive, military/veteran advocate, graphic illustrator, visual storyteller, and strategic communicator. 

Research has shown there is a perceived military-civilian divide due to a lack of understanding and communication between the 2.1 million warriors who responded to America's call to duty, their families and the rest of the population  (Schmiegel & Burke, 2019).

Consequently, businesses are missing a chance to monetize this untapped niche market segment with consumer purchasing power worth almost a trillion dollars (Coray, 2020).

The objectives of the i4ni Studio Capstone Campaign is to, but not limited to, increase the awareness of the company's brand, continue to expand its client base while extending its network of influence through corporate social responsibility through the implementation of a strategic public relations plan.


Connect, inform and engage key stakeholders on how i4ni Studio can function as a multiplier of support in bridging the military-civilian divide as a means of further promoting their brand reputation while increasing profits and market share, which will result in increasing the creative boutique profit margins.


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i4ni Studio is ready to answer your call to duty.  Shoot us an Email here.

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